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Little Os – Toddler

  • Toddler and Mum on trampoline

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A toddler’s paradise!

This is your toddler’s time to experience everything the big kids love about Freejumping.

Your little one can get their first experience of trampolining on our interconnected Freejump zones, frolic in the foam pit, or even take a gentle jump into the airbag.

Who’s It For?

Little O toddler trampolining sessions are for toddlers aged 5 years old and younger, and an adult to supervise them.

What's inside

This is the place every parent wishes they could have visited when they were a toddler! The trampoline park includes over 100 connected trampolines, airbag runway, parachute games, soft play balls and much more! It really is a paradise for toddlers. Check out your local park page to see exactly what’s inside.


Little O Toddler Prices

Soft play with parents

Little O Toddlers

1 hour to explore everything the big kids love about Freejumping.


Other Information

How long are Little O Toddler sessions?

Little O Toddler sessions are 1 hour long. We advise you arrive up to 30 minutes before your session begins to give you time to collect your snazzy jump socks (tiny ones, of course)

Do I have to go on the trampolines with my toddler?

There must be 1 paying adult to supervise every 2 toddlers you bring. Babies in arms (i.e. not trampolining are not charged)

How much do toddler sessions cost?

Our Little O toddler sessions are at a reduced cost compared with regular Freejumping (over 5s) sessions. Prices vary by location.

I’d like to come to these sessions regularly, do you offer passes?

Yes, we offer 30 day passes for an adult and child to our Little Os sessions. For more information head to Little Os Toddler Passes.

The benefits of toddler trampolining

Activities like trampolining from a young age improves balance, coordination and flexibility, all of which are important in keeping your toddler as healthy and active as possible. Not to mention, it’s bags of fun! Read our blog to find out more.


Have your toddler's birthday party at Oxygen

You can celebrate your toddler’s special day in the trampoline park with the perfect party! It’s 1 hour to explore the trampoline park, followed by time to relax and refuel in an exclusive party room with food and drinks.


Little Os Passes

We know what toddlers are like, once they find something they love, they want it all the time! Introducing the Little Os Toddler Pass, 30 days jumping in Little Os sessions for one adult and child!

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