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Little O Toddler Parties

  • Toddlers at party in trampoline park

Quick Book - Little O Toddler Parties

Little birthdays deserve BIG celebrations…

Parties for toddlers at Oxygen are designed to be the perfect way to celebrate that special birthday with your under-5 year old and their friends.

It’s an hour to explore the entire trampoline park, followed by time to relax and refuel in an exclusive party room with healthy sandwich boxes and juices, not to mention the all important birthday sing song!

Who’s It For?

Little O toddler parties are for toddlers aged 5 and under, as well as their parent/guardian. Included in the price is 1 parent or guardian for each party guest, and there must be a minimum of 1 adult per 2 toddlers.


A Toddler Party at Oxygen

A Little O toddler party at Oxygen includes:

/ One hour Freejump

/ Half an hour in an exclusive party room

/ Healthy snack boxes with juice

/ Jump socks

/ A court monitor on hand to make sure the birthday bash runs smoothly


Little O Toddler Party Prices

Toddlers at party in trampoline park

Book a Toddler Party

Celebrate those special birthdays in style!

£16 inc. adultBOOK NOW
£16 incl. adultBOOK NOW
£14 incl. adultBOOK NOW
£14 incl. adultBOOK NOW
£14 incl. adultBOOK NOW
Toddlers at party in trampoline park


Other Information

What time should we ask the party group to arrive? Please ensure all guests arrive 30 minutes before your reservation time to complete the check-in process and to attend our safety briefing.

What age children are the parties for? Little O Parties are for toddlers aged 5 years and under. Please note: for Little O parties the price includes one adult per toddler to supervise.

How many guests can we invite? This varies by location and is subject to party room availability, but our party rooms can fit a maximum 20 excited partygoers (40 in Acton), including the birthday child. Room allocation will be based upon party size.

What time of day can I have my Little O Party?

Little O Parties are specially designed to be no big kids allowed. Therefore Little O parties are only available at Little O times. Please check our bookings page and select your preferred date for more information.

How do we complete the waivers? You should complete all waivers online (login to your Oxygen account). For any last minute additions, you can also ask reception for a printed copy, or print and fill out your own here.

Are socks included? Socks are included within the price and the whole party will receive a pair of our snazzy yellow jump socks – they’re the latest fashion trend among Freejumpers!

Do I guess the party size when booking? The best idea is to book for the maximum number of guests you think could attend. Then, if you need to reduce the number you can get in touch via email at prior to 7 days of your booking and we will be able to reduce the numbers and refund if needed.

What do you provide? We provide cups, plates, jugs of squash & water, pizza and napkins, as well as 150 trampolines, airbag and more!

What do I need to bring? We serve snack boxes including sandwiches and other items. Birthday cakes are not provided,  however you are welcome to bring your own, as well as a knife to cut the cake.

Do you provide party bags? We have party bags at an additional cost of £3 per child.

What about the mess we make? Not to worry, our party hosts will ensure that your room is cleaned up after you. We wouldn’t want Mum or Dad washing up on a day like this!

Do you have lift access? Yes

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