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Take on the Bear Grylls Challenge and Win Big!

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Posted 4 weeks ago Bear Grylls Fitness , Derby , Manchester

Bear Grylls fitness

This April at Oxygen Freejumping trampoline parks in Derby and Manchester, bring the squad and compete to win big in the Bear Grylls Fitness Challenge! It’s an obstacle course challenge like you’ve never experienced before.

The Challenge

Select your park to find out what you’ll be up against…


The challenge is simple: how many times can you complete the Bear Grylls Obstacle Course in 25 minutes?


/ You earn 1 point for every completed lap recorded by Marshalls

/ Every obstacle on the Bear Grylls Fitness course must be completed for the point to be scored

/ Teams are allowed to tag in & tag out members at any point in the course, but not mid-way through an obstacle

/ Choose your own difficulty level


The challenge is all about difficulty. The course is split into 4 lanes are difficulty, from entry-level to expert, and you’ll accumulate points as you complete the entire course.

The highest scoring team or individual wins!


/ The more difficult the lane you choose, the more points you will score

/ The entire obstacle must be completed for the point to be scored

/ If obstacles are failed, 0 points will be scored

/ If competing as a team, each member must complete every obstacle



There are 4 different categories you can compete in:

/ Team of 4

/ Individual male

/ Individual female

/ Junior team of 4 (Under 16s)

Fancy competing in the Bear Grylls April challenge?

Book a regular Bear Grylls session now and let our Marshalls know which category you would like to compete in when you arrive.

Please note: to take part in Bear Grylls Fitness you must be a minimum of 12 years old and 1.4 metres tall.


What is Bear Grylls Fitness at Oxygen?

We all have personal adventures that inspire us. Whether it’s climbing a mountain, completing an Obstacle Course Race, or simply playing sports with the kids, we believe you should be physically prepared to take on anything life throws at you.

Bear Grylls Fitness is an epic, multi-level obstacle fitness course, but it’s more than just a workout.  Bear Grylls Fitness is about helping you build the strength, flexibility and fitness to empower you to live your adventures to the max. 

We believe it’s the ultimate in functional fitness.

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