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Manchester: Bear Grylls Fitness is here!

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Posted 4 months ago Bear Grylls Fitness , Manchester

Bear Grylls fitness

This is fitness training like no other. Bear Grylls Fitness at Oxygen Freejumping is an innovative, multi-level indoor obstacle fitness training zone designed around the way Bear Grylls keeps fit, mimicking functional movements you encounter in real-world situations.

Think high intensity, ninja-warrior style obstacles and physical challenges built to work your entire body. It’s the ultimate in functional training!

Obstacle fitness challenge with Bear Grylls

Benefits of Bear Grylls Fitness


Whereas traditional training targets either cardiovascular endurance or strength, Bear Grylls Fitness incorporates all elements of total fitness, including strength, agility, endurance, coordination, balance, speed and power. It gets your heart pumping and your muscles working in equal measure – so you’ll leave feeling like you’ve had a complete body workout.


The 14 obstacle course will hone your agility as you’ll only be competing against yourself. Each time you tackle the course you will progress, allowing you to complete the more challenging moves, from climbing a rope to completing unaided pistol squats on a slack line!


The Bear Grylls Fitness course is inclusive and designed for all abilities and fitness levels. This allows you to aspire to complete the more challenging levels by training your body to adapt.


Why not switch up your current exercise regime with something different? Obstacle fitness training is a great way to remind your body to move more effectively – to run, climb, leap, hang and swing!

Bear Grylls Fitness at Oxygen is a training zone that you can truly enjoy will friends as you push yourselves to complete more difficult movements with ease.

Step into this purpose built obstacle fitness training zone and enjoy a controlled and safe indoor environment, so you can focus on making amazing personal improvements.

This is Bear Grylls Fitness. Are you prepared for an adventure?

When does it open?

Bear Grylls Fitness opens in our Manchester trampoline park only on 3rd January. You can book your session now here.

How much is it?

You can purchase a single ticket for the Bear Grylls Fitness course (£8), or alternatively why not make the most of our joint ticket option and explore the rest of the trampoline park too! (£10.50)


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