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Ninja rings no words

4 obstacle exercises to send your Fitness levels through the roof!

Posted Tuesday 17th January 2017

Assault course fitness Bear Grylls challenge

The Bear Grylls Fitness course in our Manchester, Derby and Croydon (London) trampoline parks are designed exclusively by Bear Grylls himself, with his personal trainer Nat Summers, to be the ultimate in functional Fitness. The course is currently open in our CroydonManchester and Derby parks only, however hold tight as it’ll be coming to your local park soon! Read on to find out which 4 obstacles we’ve chosen to introduce you to the world of functional fitness. Which would you train on?

Bear Grylls Fitness at Oxygen Freejumping is as similar to running on a treadmill to keep fit, as swimming is similar to surfing. Fancy getting your heart pumping using functional movements across pulse-racing obstacles? Well then you’re in the right place!

The obstacle fitness training zone is officially the biggest indoor obstacle course in the UK – and when you visit you’ll see why. The training course features 14 different obstacles which all challenge your body in different ways. From hanging to climbing to pulling to crawling and leaping – if you’re used to a gym workout this will be something totally new for you…not to mention exciting!

So what are the obstacles you can expect to encounter when training on the Bear Grylls Fitness course? We’ve picked out 4 of the most exciting zones on the course for you to see what obstacle fitness training is all about. They’re expertly designed by Bear Grylls himself and his personal trainer Nat Summers to test your muscles and work your body in ways it’s never been worked before, all in the name of functional fitness and adventure – something Bear Grylls knows a thing or two about!

Which obstacles do you think you would tackle?

Training zone: Summit Steps

Summit steps black

The summit stair climb is a relatively intense exercise which engages your cardio-vascular system immediately. Power up the large stairs working your gluteal muscles, the muscles around your hamstring and your quads. A rope is on hand to enable you to ascend the summit stairs quickly and effectively, guaranteeing you a great cardio workout.

Training zone: Aerial Plank

Aerial plank black

This is one that will truly transform your core strength. Incorporating both skill and strength, the aerial plank will test your muscle endurance, determination and technique.

Suspend your body between two parallel ropes to and work your way along them from start to finish. This exercise is perfect for increasing your core strength and developing proper posture. By engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously, your heart will be pumping quicker than you expect!

Training zone: Tarzan Swing

Tarzan swing black

You may have seen this movement before. Take a giant swing supporting your entire bodyweight and channel spiderman to cling onto a vertical cargo net.

Whether you’re training for an obstacle course race or simply want to incorporate functional fitness movements into your workouts this obstacle is for you. Rope training builds functional grip strength for all situations, and the tarzan swing will have you gliding out of trouble in your own personal adventures in no time!

Since the tarzan swing involves purely bodyweight, you don’t have to worry about lifting the next heaviest weight or putting unnecessary strain with movements your body isn’t used to.

Training zone: Ninja Rings

Ninja rings black

This is one for the Gladiators or Ninja Warrior fans. Grip the hoops and propel yourself across, making sure to keep your lower body controlled.

This tests your grip, works your shoulders, back and increases your upper body flexibility all in one exercise! Also, surprisingly perhaps, the ninja rings will work your abdominal and oblique muscles. Your abs are essential to keep your body stable while your swinging, and your obliques will be engaged during the repeated one-arm movements as your body twists.


Try it yourself!

The Bear Grylls Fitness obstacle training zone is booking now! 14 obstacles, unlimited possibilities to develop your fitness. Prepare yourself for adventure.


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