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5 things you can learn in 5 School of Trampolining sessions

Posted Friday 9th September 2016

School of Trampolining 5 Week Courses Are Here!

It’s not too late to join the School of Trampolining, and receive 5 weeks tuition from British Gymnastics qualified instructors.


What can I learn?

With the help of British Gymnastics qualified trampolining instructors, you’ll be guided through some of the basic skills needed to take you from bouncing beginner to flippin’ pro in no time.

Straight jump

The straight jump is the very first skill that all professional trampolinists learn on the trampoline. It is simply a controlled bounce in the middle of the trampoline (on the cross), with stretched arms and pointed toes. Consider the straight jump the foundation of all trampoline tricks!

Straddle Jump

Get stretching! The straddle jump is for those who have done a proper warm up. Thankfully, our School of Trampolining coaches will always make sure you have a stretch before the class, to get your legs and arms limber and ready to go!

Perform a straight jump and, at the top of the jump, bring your legs out apart in front of you and attempt to touch your toes.

Don’t know what we mean? Check out one of our court monitors practising her straddle jump into our giant airbag 

Pike jump

Think of the pike jump as the straddle jump, version 2! Again, perform a straight jump and, at the very top of the jump, bring your legs up straight in front of you until you make a sitting position in the air.

Back drop

Starting from a stretched position, just the same as the straight jump, push your hips forward and make a 90degree rotation of your body. Landing on your back, bounce and return to the position in which you began, with arms stretched upwards ready to continue.

Front somersault

Starting from a straight jump, wait until you are at the top of your bounce, then snap your arms forward whilst simultaneously bringing your knees to your chest. Pushing your hips backwards whilst in the air will give you the forwards rotation needed to complete the somersault and land back on your feet.

Remember: Front somersaults are an impressive skill and one which will certainly capture your Instagram followers’ attention! However, they do take a considerable amount of practise, tuition and training. Luckily, we have just the people for the job, in the form of our superstar British Gymnastics qualified instructors!

Fancy learning all of the skills above? In 5 lessons you might just be able to. Book a brand new School of Trampolining 5-lesson package now and take advantage of  great savings!

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