Airventure aka High Ropes

Airventure aka High Ropes

Posted Friday 9th November 2018

Introducing Airventure, our first high ropes course at Oxygen!

Oxygen at The O2 has been open for just over two weeks and we’re already impressed with everything that’s been going on.

Our new park has a whole bunch of activities and even some never seen before zones. One of our favourites is Airventure, our new high ropes course set at over 30ft high. It certainly gets the heart racing!


Airventure consists of 9 different sections, some of which are a walk in the park and others which really test you. You also get a view of the whole park, so whilst you’re giving yourself a pep talk on getting past the next stage you can take in a birds-eye view of the trampolines and all the other activities.


If you haven’t already had a go, we highly recommend it.

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