Benefits of indoor play areas for children

Benefits of indoor play areas for children

Posted Friday 5th November 2021

Bonfire night is here and that means the chilly weather and short winter nights are rolling in. 

It’s not always easy to come up with new indoor activities for kids, so when your children are bouncing off the walls at home, why not visit your local Oxygen park? They can bounce on our trampolines instead!  

Besides it’s a great solution for when the weather is a little too much to bear, indoor play has many benefits for little ones. 


It provides a new experience 

Visiting a new place is always exciting for both adults and children. A new environment can be stimulating in many ways as they explore the space and interact with other kids. These experiences will also provide them with new skillsets which will help them deal with different situations in the future.  

It keeps them active and healthy  

An indoor play area encourages children to be physically active in many ways – especially when it comes to trampolining! They execute compound movements as they explore, climb, jump and run around which keeps them fit and helps them with gross motor skills development.  

It encourages creativity and socialization 

Being in an indoor play area, little ones have the freedom to get active and creative in a safe and secure environment. As they explore, they interact with other children, share ideas and express their feelings. Playing with other kids will also encourage them to learn how to socialise, understand social behaviours and build emotional intelligence. 

Benefits for parents  

Visiting an indoor play venue can provide a valuable experience for the whole family. Little ones will be over the moon by the all the fun and entertaining facilities they can explore, and parents can have the opportunity to have a break and socialise with other parents while enjoying a cup of coffee in the on-site Café or restaurant areas.  

Are you ready for some indoor play? Visit your local trampoline park by booking your ticket below!




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