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Croydon trampoline park

See What’s Coming To Our Brand New Trampoline Park In Croydon!

Posted Wednesday 15th February 2017

Trampoline park in Croydon

Croydon’s first trampoline park opens on 8th April…

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My son can't wait for this to open!Mandy, on Facebook

Exciting times! We’ve just passed the 2-months-to-go mark for our newest trampoline park in Croydon, South London. And we couldn’t be more looking forward to it! It’s going to be our most feature-packed trampoline park ever, with over 12 different zones to get you active and having fun like nothing else you’ve ever experienced.

Work on Croydon’s very first trampoline park is well underway, and over the next few weeks the building in The Colonnades on Purley Way will be transformed into a trampolining paradise!

Check out some of the awesome trampoline park features you’ll find when we open our doors on 8th April 2017!

Freejumping Trampolines

Imagine a football-pitch-sized, spring loaded, interconnected expanse of trampolining fun! The Freejumping trampolines are the best place to start when you first bounce into our trampoline park in Croydon.


Trampoline park in Croydon

Here there are limitless possibilities. Jump your way from trampoline to trampoline, vault the podiums, twist down the tumble tracks and rebound off the walls (yes, even the walls are trampolines!).

Plus research (our own research from literally just watching people Freejump – who needs scientists for this?!) shows that people of all ages can’t help but smile whilst Freejumping. Flippin’ brilliant!

Giant Airbag

This is where you get to seriously jump as high as you can and practice your skills safe in the knowledge that there’s a soft landing waiting for you! It’s basically a giant pillow! Watch this video to see it in action.

Dodgeball Court

This is where trampolining fun gets a little competitive! The game of dodgeball is pretty self explanatory really. Do your best to dodge the speeding balls and try to throw some of your own at the opposition while you’re at it! Once we’re open we’ll also be hosting special dodgeball nights where you can gather the crew and compete to take home the trophy and win the all-important bragging rights!

Think you like the sound of it? You’ll fall in love with trampoline dodgeball when you watch the video…

Can we go pleeeeeeeease?! ?Lee, on Facebook

Walk the Wall

Have you ever walked up a wall? For most people the answer is no. Well, until you’ve taken a visit to our brand new trampoline park in Croydon that is!

Defy gravity as you perform tricks you never thought possible on the vertical walls, bouncing from your back to plant your feet on the wall and walk your way up using your momentum (and a bit of Freejumping magic, of course).

Check it out!

The Bear Grylls Fitness Obstacle Training Course

We’ve teamed up with none other than Bear Grylls himself to bring you Bear Grylls Fitness, the UK’s largest indoor obstacle course and the best way to train in a functional way!

It’s a series of challenging obstacles to test your strength, endurance, flexibility and skill. Traverse the ninja rings, power up the summit steps or even scale the vertical walls. It’s an adrenaline rush like nothing else in the trampoline park, and is perfect fitness training whether you’re preparing for an obstacle course race, climb a mountain or simply enjoy more active time with the kids.

But, without further ado, we’ve got someone to tell you a little bit more about Bear Grylls Fitness:

And that’s not all! There are even more awesome features to keep you entertained at our new trampoline park in Croydon, including:

/ Volleyball

/ Basketball

/ Reaction wall challenge

/ Aeroball (think real life Quidditch!)

/ Performance trampolines

/ Climbing wall

/ Toddler zone

/ Hang tough

/ Slack line

/ Climbing towers

/ Battle beam

Phew! You might even find yourself booking 2 hours to explore the trampoline park instead of 1 with all that going on!

Speaking of booking, you can reserve your first session right now!

Oxygen Freejumping trampoline park in Croydon opens on 8th April, who’s coming?



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