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You Can’t Live Without Oxygen — Interview with Families

Posted Wednesday 9th May 2018

What Families Can’t Live Without!


As part of our You Can’t Live Without Oxygen campaign, we’re trying to find out what our loyal customers can’t live without.

Recently, we went to our Oxygen Derby park to meet up with some families to ask them to tell us about the finer things in their life that they can’t live without. Here are some of our favourite responses:

“I can’t live without music!”

— Gemma (mum)

“Couldn’t live without my phone. It’s everything – you speak to your friends and everything on it!”

— Katie (teenager)

“Chocolate, my kids and family time!”

— Vicky (mum)

Why do Families Come to Oxygen?

Now that we’ve worked out what they can’t live without, we wanted to find out what makes millions of people each year walk into our trampoline parks over our competitors. Here’s why people choose Oxygen Freejumping as a fun family activity.

It’s exercise, but it’s a fun light way to exercise. And it’s a nice place to meet as well…It’s fun to come and you get to enjoy yourself.”

— Katie

I come every two or three months. I like the fact that I can bring my seven-year-old and three-year-old and we can all have fun.

— Gemma

It’s really good exercise, they have loads of fun and it’s good for ages. Especially as the weather is always rubbish, it’s the best place to come!”

— Vicky

Let’s Ask the Kids!

If you’ve been to our parks with a small child, then you know how hard it is to pry your children away from our parks once their session is done. So we decided to ask the kids the same question: why do children love coming to Oxygen!

It gives me a lot of exercise!

A lot of my friends come to Oxygen with me”

The court monitors are really nice and helpful. It’s just a nice place to be. — just fun to come”

Some of the kids even had favourite zones in the park, with the pro-tramps, slides and dodgeball area scoring very highly with them!

What Kids Love About Their Mum and Dad

But we know there are things which kids like more than us too…And although that list of things is tiny, we (begrudgingly) accept that children like their parents more than us.

We asked the children to tell us what they loved doing with their parents and what they loved most about them.

“Dad tells dad jokes! Mum tells a lot of jokes and stupid comments”

“[My mum is] nice and supportive. Always there!

She normally pulls some funny faces and tickles me.

I like my mum to take me out anywhere. We normally go out to the pub for tea after school sometimes.

At the end of the day, there are so many different reasons why you ought to head down to your local Oxygen trampoline park. We hope to see you soon!

Check out some of the photos from the day below!

Derby photoshoot 1

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