In the news: British children among the least active in the world… (Read our solution!)

In the news: British children among the least active in the world… (Read our solution!)

Posted Monday 21st November 2016

Getting children active

Here at Oxygen, we’re committed to getting children active and making trampolining fun a part of everyone’s lives, big or small, old or young. We think it’s simply the best way to exercise and have fun at the same time!

In the news this weekend was a report that British children are among the least active in the world . An international study has concluded that fitness levels are “plummeting” as a consequence of kids not getting the needed level of exercise needed, showing that just 22% of boys and only 15% of girls are getting at least an hour of moderate intensity exercise per day.

The reasons why

The study argued that children’s spare time is consumed by “screen-time”. Laptops, tablets and television being the main culprits. Experts blamed what they call a “typical day” for a British child being time spent on the computer followed by an evening in front of the television.

We know it’s difficult!

Modern lifestyles are busy, and we all have less time to devote to organising things for the kids to do – especially if they’re not into team sports. We know that sometimes only the TV will do.

According to government guidelines though, children need only complete an hour’s moderate intensity physical activity per day to see amazing benefits. We believe that’s possible, especially if the exercise doesn’t seem like a chore!

Winter cold trampoline park activity
trampolining fun trampoline

Our Solution!

You know what we’re going to say…


And you’re right! We’re never going to stop shouting about the benefits of the trampolining because, well, they’re so good!

We believe that a great way for kids to exercise, and enjoy doing so, is to trampoline, and the thousands of kids Freejumping with the smile on their faces is constantly proving us right!

Trampolining isn’t just a great form of exercise, it’s also a great opportunity for kids to play in an indoor, safe environment which allows them to learn new things and progress. Freejumping isn’t just about bouncing up and down, there’s no limit to the number of skills and moves you can learn on a trampoline: string together awesome tricks and impress friends with snapchat-worthy stunts!

We’re also constantly working to make Freejumping affordable for everyone. With great offers like Tick Tock Tuesdays* and weekend deals fired straight into your inbox, there’s never been a better time to Freejump!

So ditch the sofa, shut down the laptop and head on over to the ultimate trampoline park for the most high-flying, fun way to exercise!

One step towards getting children active!


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