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A Day in the Life of an Oxygen Freejumping Park Manager

Posted Wednesday 3rd August 2016

Nick Haycock is the Park Manager of Oxygen Freejumping Manchester. He kindly gave us a sneak peak into what an Oxygen manager really gets up to in a day…

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Oxygen Freejumping Manchester Park Manager, Nick Haycock (centre right) and his team.

Rise & Shine


My day starts when I ‘bounce’ out of bed- although I’ve already been awake for at least three hours though due the rooster that lives close by !!!

I’m a light sleeper, so this annoys me every morning. If it’s not the rooster, then it’s sometimes the rain. As I live in a 100 year old converted church; when it rains the noise is similar to a caravan with the exposed timber roof.

No rest for the wicked – still I’m in the right place to forgive my sins right ?

While I’m getting ready for work, I sort out my football team for the day as I’m an avid Top Eleven football manager game player – this involves training my team and getting them ready for the two daily games.


Nick is a big Top Eleven fan!


By 8.45am I’m showered, I’ve ironed my uniform, take my vitamins (very important) and I head out the door.


For breakfast I have a milkshake on my way into work. I’m currently on a diet and I’ve  lost almost two stone doing this. I treat myself to a selection of; Chocolate, Banana & Vanilla – variety is the spice of life as they say !

I have an 8 mile journey into work- TalkSPORT is my station of choice to catch up on the football gossip- especially now as we’re getting ready for the new 16/17 season. Listening to the radio helps to break up the monotony of the same daily drive- which can take anywhere from 20 minutes to well over an hour !!!

I have to travel on the M60 to the Trafford turn off- so any locals will understand my suffering!



Time for Work!


I arrive at work.  Put my bag down, switch on the air-con & fire up the laptop.

While this is getting going, I wash my Star Wars mug up from the day before, and then check the daily bookings on my walk round the park to say “Hi” to my team, and check that all of Oxygen Freejumping standards are being met. This takes about 30 minutes after I download my notes to the Duty Manager.


I go through my emails and start the banking.



As I’ve been sat at my desk for over an hour, I take another walk around the park to check that our Freejumpers are happy, and that everything is running smoothly and according to Oxygen Freejumping health and safety guidelines.


I have my lunch, which is generally another shake and / or some fruit- no sandwiches for me!


This is our time to leave the Park and to do some outreach with the team- we have a rota of staff to come along and help us promote the park to local businesses and schools. We often go to the Trafford Centre to catch up with our contacts in the food court.

We’re starting a Dodgeball league soon, so we are recruiting teams to get involved in our trail weeks that are coming up- so we hit all the food outlets.


Some Oxygen Freejumpers enjoy a game of dodgeball!


Good job I’ve had lunch as the smell is very appetising- and we get offered free stuff too !  I turn them all down of course. We’ve made some good progress this week and have got three teams lined up for the league.


I had a meeting back at the park with TDAS (Trafford Domestic Abuse Services); a local charity that we work with.  We’ve agreed to host a fundraiser in August, so we’ve penciled in some dates.


I always have one-to-one team meetings with the managers, to catch up how things are going within our Oxygen Freejumping family. We have some exciting new products coming soon-  so understanding when to launch these and more importantly; how, is key to our success!


I clear some more of my emails before finishing off the day with …

Airborne Fitness class at 7pm– which is part of my new fitness regime- you have to test the product right?!


Some Oxygen free jumpers fly high in an Airborne fitness class!


We currently have three great instructors and are expanding the program. Our classes in Manchester are run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7-8pm!

I’m totally wiped out after that !! Trampolining  burns  67% more calories than jogging you know.


Time for Bed!


I get back into the car and head to the M60 again – it’s usually clear by this time, so only takes me 20 minutes to get home.


Now I’m home, I have dinner in front of the TV with a few episodes of a box set – ITV’s Marchella is my current program of choice. I’ve been told I have a look-a-like who stars in this; (Ian Puleston-Davies), so I’ve been putting off watching it until now. He also had a big role on Corrie (he played Owen Armstrong)

I’ve watched all 0f the big TV shows like; Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, House of Cards and Luther – so if you have any new suggestions, then please send them my way!


Is my bed time. I have a nightly ritual of  watching Family Guy to complete my wind down, and get ready to start the process all over again tomorrow. I’ve seen them all hundreds of times, but its easy watching / listening as I drift off to sleep.

I hope the M60 is kind to me tomorrow, fingers crossed!


 We Think Nick looks like Coronation Street star; Ian Puleston-Davies- do you? 

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