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Earth Day

Posted Monday 16th April 2018

Happy Earth Day!


This Sunday is a really important day. Across the world on April 22nd, people are celebrating the Earth and the importance of protecting the environment.

This year, the theme is to end plastic pollution. Improper disposal of plastics is threatening our environment. It severely damages marine wildlife, is a big source of litter and can even affect our hormones.

Even small steps can make a huge difference, so we’d like to encourage everyone to be more mindful of their plastic rubbish.


Bring Your Own Mug/Cup and Save 25p on Hot Drinks In Our Café!

We want everyone to do better on Earth Day and all throughout the year. From now on when you bring your own mug or cup to our park, we’ll give you a 25p discount on hot drinks in our café!

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Aside from the little things we’ll be doing in our trampoline parks, we’ve also made a list of everyday things you can do to be more environmentally friendly.

Small Things You Can Do to Be More Environmentally Friendly


/ Cook more meals From Home

Did you know that cooking from home uses less energy and resources than processed food? It’s true! Processed food often needs to be defrosted, which burns more electricity.

Plus it’s cheaper and allows you to plan your meals ahead of time!

/ Eat less meat

Meat production has a huge impact on carbon emissions and to raise and feed cattle, a lot of forest needs to be cut down.

To make a difference, you don’t need to totally remove meat from your diet, but allocating a few meat-free days does wonderful things for the environment and your own health.

/ Use reusable water bottles!

This one we can’t stress enough, especially as the theme of this year’s Earth Day is to end plastic pollution.

If you have a spare bottle, just refill it with tap water. It’s just as hydrating and healthy as water from big brands. Also, purchasing new plastic bottles time and time again is wasteful and the majority of them are not actually recycled!

Other big issues with water bottles centre around the fact that a lot aren’t recyclable and the transportation of bottled water leaves a big carbon footprint.

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