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The Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health – Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

Posted Tuesday 9th May 2017

This year, Mental Health Awareness week is focusing not only on mental health problems, but on why too few of us are “thriving with good mental health”. In light of this, we’ve been exploring the ways in which exercise can have a positive effect on your mood, and mental health…

Oxygen Freejumping is founded on the belief that everyone should be able to get active and exercise in a safe and fun environment. And for us, trampolining is just one of the ways that people of all ages and abilities can exercise whilst having the most fun possible!

Our mantra is that everyone should leave Oxygen with a smile on their face, and we’re constantly looking for new (and bouncier) ways of making Freejumpers smile! We believe that if you enjoy being active and exercising, then it doesn’t feel like a chore, and more people will be inspired to find fun ways of exercising with friends and family.

Toddlers during trampoline park party

Exercising and your emotions

Who here enjoys exercising? If so, what type of exercise do you enjoy?

For some people, the time in which they are pounding the pavement jogging, working out in the gym, or lapping the local swimming pool is their time when all other stresses in the world are gone, and they can focus on themselves. For others playing sport, football, tennis or trampolining perhaps, is their time to unwind and enjoy themselves. And the truth is exercise is closely linked with emotional wellbeing.

Why is this? There are some very scientific reasons, and some not so scientific reasons. The scientific reasons are that exercise releases things called endorphins in your body, and endorphins are proven to have a positive effect on your mood! You know that feeling of satisfaction and happiness you get after exercise? The geeky reason for that is your body is working hard to release endorphins. Although there’s a much easier reason for exercise, like trampolining, making you feel good. The easy reason is that it makes you SMILE! It’s quite hard not to smile whilst springing from trampoline to trampoline, and launching yourself into giant squashy pillows of air!

What types of exercise help increase your mood?

Although science suggests that any form of exercise can increase your mood, here are just some forms of exercise that have a positive effect on the way you feel:

/ Trampolining (okay, we’re biased here!)

/ Playing tennis

/ Completing an obstacle course (whaddya know! Bear Grylls Fitness anyone?

/ Playing football

/ Swimming

/ Dancing (our mascot Little O’s favourite!)

Bear Grylls training
Trampolining deal

Any other mental health benefits of exercise?

One of the main benefits of exercise is that it brings people together. Some of our favourite forms of exercising are those you can do with friends and family. Group classes are great ways of meeting like-minded people who also enjoy exercising. Social groups are also a great form of emotional support, and can give you the feeling that we are all benefitting from exercise in the same way.

What form of exercise will you take up?

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2017, why not try a new form of exercise that makes you smile? And first of all, check out our range of activities specially designed to get people of all ages active and having fun together!


To read more about Mental Health Awareness Week 2017, visit their website.


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