Flying High with Oxygen Freejumping! GUEST BLOG by Tanya Godbeer

Flying High with Oxygen Freejumping! GUEST BLOG by Tanya Godbeer

Posted Friday 4th March 2016

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by Tanya Godbeer,

Getting active doesn’t have to mean hours of running or taking on an extreme challenge. There are plenty of ways to get your heart racing and feel the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle without even stepping foot on a treadmill.

I love my health club membership but they aren’t for everyone. Going to the gym is a just a world of pain for my boyfriend but that doesn’t stop him from leading an active life. He prefers the outdoors and is always out cycling, kayaking, wake boarding and rock climbing because it doesn’t feel like work!

The most effective way of keeping active is by having FUN. Enjoyment means you are motivated and motivation is important to maintain an active life. Today my active fun was at Oxygen Freejumping in Acton and it was EPIC. My Godson has just turned 5 and it was the perfect birthday present to let him run wild. He loved it!

Airbag jumping fun

Do you remember the elated feeling when the trampoline was brought out at school? Or the adrenaline rush from falling into a giant soft pit? The sense of freedom is LIBERATING and Oxygen Freejumping has helped to bring that feeling back for everyone.

With 150 trampolines, an airbag, an obstacle course and foam pit, we kept moving constantly for 60 minutes and the time flew by (had to!). Wearing my favourite Fitbit friend, I tracked that my heart rate reached 170 bpm and my active minutes were 43 out of 60. I am an excitable person but I thought this was pretty impressive!

Without the intention of working out or consciously going to exercise, I reached the recommended 30 daily active minutes, earned Godmother brownie points and had a hilarious time. That is what getting active should be about!

Oxygen Freejumping also run fitness classes, kids parties, a freerunning academy, kids camps with Fit For Sport and school for trampolining. I’ve booked to go again for my Dad’s 52nd birthday – there’s something for everyone!

Kids party fun

by Tanya Godbeer

To read more from Tanya, please head to her brilliant blog!

Then come and have a go yourself!



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