Guest Blog: Parents

Guest Blog: Parents

Posted Monday 11th February 2019

We asked our jumpers what they love about Oxygen Freejumping and Hannah aka @theyokshiremama mummy of two was kind enough to answer a few questions!

Why do you bring your child to Oxygen?

We bring our little boy to Oxygen to have fun and burn some of his endless amounts of energy!

What do you enjoy about Oxygen?

We absolutely love the different bouncing areas at oxygen! We always have such a great time. We also enjoy how clean it is and the friendly staff who are on hand to help especially during the toddler session which is when we usually attend!

Have you noticed a difference in your child’s character?

Since coming to the little o sessions at oxygen we have noticed his confidence has grown massively, he used to take some coaxing but now runs straight in and on to the trampolines!!

Have you been to Oxygen or any other parks before?

The only other park we’ve been to is jump arena in Kirkstall, Leeds..we actually stumbled across oxygen by accident at first! And we are so glad we did! It is by far the best trampoline park in our opinion.

Have you been to any of our events?

We have been to the little o events but no others

When not at Oxygen, how do you spend family time?

We love to be active and love getting out and about at the weekends! When we’re not at Oxygen, you can usually find us on some sort of adventure either at a park or play centre or on a muddy puddle walk!

Do you normally visit Oxygen as a group with friends or children?

Yes, we usually visit with our friends and their daughter who is a similar age to our son.

How can we get mums and dads to jump more?

You could do a family bouncing class once a month with an instructor and music to get everyone going, or even a charity bounce where families can sign up, or another suggestion would be to put on more frequent toddler and parent sessions throughout the day, especially on weekends!

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