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Guest Blog: Pocket Nannies visit Oxygen Freejumping Acton

Posted Tuesday 10th May 2016

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Pocket Nannies are a group of professional nannies who have set up an online space to share ideas for new and inspiring things to do. They visited Oxygen Freejumping to see what our trampoline parks are all about!


Guest blog by: Pocket Nannies

Oxygen Freejumping is a trampoline park located in West Acton and Southampton. The other weekend two very keen children and Sophie tried out their park in West Acton.

Once we got off the central line tube at West Acton and walked about ten minutes to the trampoline park I had two very excited children on my hands. I had booked online, which was easy and hassle free, their website even allowed me to enter the children’s mum’s email so she could sign their wavers which meant when we got to the park we could go straight into watching the 2 minute safely video and then start jumping. You have to wear special grippy socks which cost an extra £2 but you can keep these and reuse them next time.

The double story room houses an amazing amount of trampolines. There’s a section of around 20 trampolines that is sectioned off with netting where you can play dodgeball, two basketball nets for practising your slam dunks, a ‘gladiators, are you ready?’ style beam with foam filled poles to knock your friends into the foam filled pit below, tightropes to practice your balance, trampolines on the wall to throw yourselves against, high blocks to jump off into the foam pool and thats not even all there is to do.

It is very busy but there are a lot of staff there keeping an eye on everything and stopping any over zealous teenagers from jumping on any smaller ones. Be prepared to get hot and sweaty and to have an amazing time. If you’d prefer to just watch your children then there is a large cafe which overlooks the park. The photo (below) is taken from the cafe so as you can see you can keep an eye on your bouncing children with a coffee in your hand!

See what Oxygen Freejumping is about for yourself at our Acton, Southampton, and now Wigan parks.


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