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Happy Father’s Day — Your Favourite Memories!

Posted Wednesday 13th June 2018

Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers out there.

Here at Oxygen, we’re very happy that we can count active and doting fathers as part of our community of Freejumpers. Every day we see fathers doing their bit to bring their children to our parks and make sure they have the best experience.

But we know that the work of fathers goes far beyond our parks. So we asked you to tell us about some of the wonderful things your dads have done for you and your favourite memory with them. Here’s a few of them!


My favourite father’s day memory was when I bought my dad a pair of Jordans! He’s always been a huge basketball fan, so it was good to see his face so happy!

— Francis, 26

My dad tells loads of jokes and is always there for me!

— Katie, 14

My favourite memory with my dad was when we would go down to Cornwall for our caravan holidays. It always brought us closer together and I really miss that.

— Susan, 44

Once my dad built me a hovercraft! He was always tinkering around with things, so we spent the whole summer working on it. It only ever worked twice, but the memory is still a fun one!

— Andy, 28

Me and my dad would go hiking and fishing in the forests. He taught me a lot about nature!

— Joaquin, 18


Happy Fathers Day!



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