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How We Can All Get Active and Still Have Fun This Year

Posted Friday 12th January 2018

2018 is as good a time as ever to get the whole family fit.

British children are lagging behind globally in exercise, as we pointed out not too long ago. According to NHS guidelines, we should be doing around 150 minutes of moderate and 75 minutes of vigorous exercise a week.

We know life gets hectic sometimes, which might make it difficult to get the right amount of exercise. And with children, we know that keeping them fit means you need to find a fun exercise that can keep their attention!

Benefits of trampolining:

/ Not only is trampolining great fun for kids and adults alike, but it has many benefits over more conventional workouts. Studies show that trampolining burns up to 1000 calories per hour — far more than 30 minutes of jogging!

/ Trampolining is a low impact exercise and places 80% less stress on the joints in comparison to jogging and other workouts.

Here at Oxygen, we don’t see trampolining as a fad, we see it as a lifestyle. We have two ways of helping you to get fit this 2018!


/ Our standard session gives you the freedom to explore each inch of your local trampoline park. With over 100 trampolines at your local park, you get 1 hour to jump, leap, climb and play across multiple jumping zones and courses.

We’re committed to getting the whole family fit and healthy in a fun way. We have dodgeball courts, speed reaction walls, battle beams and obstacle courts for adults, teenagers and older children. Our Little O sessions are the best soft play activity for toddlers aged 5 years old and younger. 

Why not come down to your local Oxygen Freejumping trampoline park to learn more and get involved?

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