Epic somersault from boy on trampolines

Safety at Oxygen

Posted Thursday 7th July 2016

Two people diving in trampoline park

Here at Oxygen we know how to have fun, but safety is always utmost in our mind when welcoming Freejumpers from London, Southampton, Manchester, Derby and Leeds (and even more coming soon!) Here’s our guide to jumping safely, and enjoying every minute of your ultimate trampoline park playground experience.

Girl in trampoline park jumping on trampolines
Girl jumping with a smile on her face

It’s very important to understand the rules, follow them, and stick to the guidelines. Safe jumping is fun jumping, and fun jumping is Freejumping! Our rules are clearly displayed around the trampoline parks including, most artistically, on the walk-the-wall! They are also in our safety video that all jumpers watch in our super-cool cinema-style briefing room. You can’t miss them!

The Safety-Conscious Court Monitor Crew!

Our Court Monitor crew are always on hand to make sure you jump safely and remember the rules. Despite being totally safety conscious, our Court Monitors also like a dance from time to time to time. If you do see them having a boogie, feel free to join in, there’s nothing they like better than a group dance! (apart from safe jumping, of course)

All jokes aside, we train our staff to the highest standards of safety and customer service. We also hand-pick the crew not just for their superb Freejumping abilities, but because they know how to have fun! So next time you are in the trampoline park, say hello, they can’t wait to meet you!

We also have dedicated staff to make sure each and every piece of equipment is safe to use. (And with over 10, 000 individual springs making up our jumping paradise, that’s quite a task!) If the equipment isn’t 100% ready to use, we won’t let you use it. No ifs or buts, or Freejumps.

Give a wave to our Waiver!

Everyone must complete a waiver before they jump in the trampoline park. If you are under the age of 16, you must have your waiver signed by a parent or guardian before you enter the park. If you are aged 16 or over, you may sign the waiver on your own behalf.

If you have already booked, you can sign your waiver online by logging into your account. Although paper waivers are available at reception, we highly recommend you “jump” online and complete your waiver beforehand. It’ll save you time at reception!

When you’re on the trampolines

Trampolining is an extreme sport. (No seriously, it’s classed as one) Nevertheless, we have some basic rules and guidelines to follow on our trampolines that will ensure you have as safe a Freejump as possible.

  • Always stick to 1 bouncer per trampoline
  • Always jump in the middle, take it easy, and stay in control
  • Always jump within your skill level. Fancy trying something tricky for the first time? Our giant airbag is the place to do it. Although you should still remain in control, it provides a soft landing for even the most epic of leaps. If you really want to learn some proper skills, join our School of Trampolining , where British Gymnastics qualified instructors will take you from basic bouncer to trampoline trickster in no time!

Phones and cameras

We know our trampoline parks are perhaps THE best places to get truly Instagram worthy shots. If you don’t believe us, check out these incredible shots from @andreweggy

Two boys somersaulting on trampolines
Epic somersault from boy on trampolines

Any phones or cameras brought into the park are at your own risk. Little O, if he could speak and use a phone, would leave his in the lockers, where he knows it will be safe.

Have a safe and fun Freejump!

So there it is! To have fun and be safe at the same time you have to follow a few (very well considered) rules. If you have any questions, just ask a member of staff and they will happily answer your queries – and you never know, they might even dance while they do it!

Safe jumping!




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