Are Your Kids Active?

Are your kids active enough? How the whole family can be SUPER active this year

Posted Thursday 11th January 2018

Getting your kids fitter this year should definitely be a resolution for 2018!

Globally, British children are amongst the least active according to international studies. Shamefully, England and Wales were graded a ‘D minus’ for our lack of exercise by the International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health! Scotland doesn’t fare too well either, with the Scots only earning an ‘F’.

It only goes downhill from there, as physical activity in children drops as they get older with many children becoming more sedentary as they move into their teenage years.

Luckily, Oxygen is the best place for fun and safe exercise. Here at Oxygen, we see trampolining as a lifestyle. Studies show that a 10-minute session provides fitness benefits equivalent to a half-hour run. Trampolining has so many other benefits too! It’s a combination of callisthenics and gymnastics, and cardio-wise it’s better than 33 minutes of jogging.

It’s pretty clear to see trampolining as an absolutely superb option for children. Not only is it huge fun, but it’s brilliantly fun.

This year we’re launching our ‘Be Super’ game to get the whole family fit. To keep the whole family motivated, we’re asking the family — regardless of whether you’re a Super Mum, Super Dad, Super Kid or Super Tot to complete specific challenges. Successful participants will qualify for a humongous Superhero event in March!

There’s even a chance to win a family holiday to Disney World and Marvel’s Superhero Island in Florida.

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