4 things to remember when organising the perfect Corporate Event

4 things to remember when organising the perfect Corporate Event

Posted Friday 10th March 2017

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Are you in charge of organising your company’s next awesome event? Our trampoline parks are the perfect places to host unique events of all kinds. From company away days, to product launches, to end of year treats it’s one event that nobody will ever forget.

Company events are a great way to have fun, relieve some stress, build great relationships between colleagues and teams, or simply provide some time out of the office.

If you’re looking to make your corporate event a huge success, choosing the right venue and activity is definitely one of the most important factors. So what do you need to consider when organising the perfect corporate event?


Where are your guests coming from? Which locations will be easiest for your guests to get to? This is a very important factor when planning your next corporate event. There’s no point gathering the world’s greatest guest list, writing the most engaging agenda and then arranging a location that none of your guests can get to for 9am.

Choose a corporate event venue with lots of parking, great transport links (by road or public transport), and situated in an area near to where your guests live or work.

All our trampoline parks are accessed easily from main road connections, as well as accessible by public transport. Also, they all have free parking!

Advanced Planning

Get ahead of the curve and aim to have organised the key deliverables well in advance (aim for 6 months). The venue hire is probably one of your biggest to-dos, and you don’t want to feel rushed in the weeks coming up to a big corporate event. Once you’ve got the venue in place, then you can set about creating a timeline and action plan to guarantee that your event comes together exactly how you’ve pictured!

Did you know you can request a quote for your next Corporate event directly from our website? Simply complete the form on our Corporate Events page and we’ll bounce back to you as quick as we can!

Size and capacity

If you’re the person responsible for organising that kind of corporate event that people give you a pat on the back after, capacity is an area you don’t want to get wrong.

Too big and it’ll feel empty and impersonal – too small and your guests will have to fight for chairs. Events venues experienced in hosting corporate days for a variety of size groups will be able to tell you how many people their spaces can host. If you’re unsure, it’s always worth visiting a venue in person.

Getting to know the space

Key to making sure the event runs smoothly is to really get to know the space you’ll be in. From understanding the layout, entrances and exits, to knowing where the plug sockets are, you won’t want to be running around asking questions on the big day. Get your hands on a floor plan if you can, or even better explore the space with an interactive tour.*

At Oxygen events there will always be someone on hand to point you in the right direction though.

Need to know more about events at Oxygen?

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