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Pokémon At Our Parks!

Posted Monday 19th March 2018

Play More! Pokémon and Oxygen Freejumping Have Joined Forces!

Pokémon, the iconic media and gaming franchise, and Oxygen Freejumping, the ultimate trampoline park, have joined forces for Easter!

Follow this link to see all our Easter activities and find out how you can pre-book and save 15% off your next Freejump and receive a FREE pack of Pokémon trading cards.

Pokemon characters

Pokémon at Our Parks!

Pokémon are found in all types of places — e.g. mountains, oceans, forests, deserts, sewers (eww…) and even cupboards! And at Oxygen Freejumping, we have so many zones, including foam pits, dodgeball zone, Ninja Warrior courses and so much more.

So as we’re all avid Pokémon trainers at Oxygen Freejumping (we’ve been playing since Pokémon Blue) we thought about which parts of your local trampoline park that some Pokémon might prefer!

Let’s look at Pokémon from the Alola region! Which areas would they prefer?



Name: Popplio

Type: Water

Likes: Practising making bubbles and swimming.

Bio: Popplio is one of the hardest working Pokémon out there! Popplio likes to spend its free time snorting water balloons from its nose and working on getting better at controlling them.

What’s Popplio’s favourite thing to do at our trampoline parks?
We have a performance trampoline area specifically for people who have brilliant trampolining skills. To get amazing at trampolining, you need to work hard and train regularly. We think Popplio’s work ethic would make it love the challenge of improving its trampoline skills!



Name: Litten

Type: Fire

Likes: Being alone and grooming itself

Bio: Litten is a mostly solitary cat Pokémon that can launch fiery attacks against its opponents!

What’s Litten’s favourite thing to do at our trampoline parks?

Because of Litten’s preference for doing things by itself, we think Litten would like to bounce by itself on our trampolines! We have over 150 trampolines at our park, enough for everybody, so we can imagine Litten in a corner silently bouncing by itself…



Name: Rowlet

Type: Grass/Flying

Likes: Being in tight, dark spaces

Bio: Rowlet is both a Grass and Flying-type Pokémon! This owl Pokémon spends most of the day asleep, storing the sun’s energy through photosynthesis. Rowlet moves so silently that hardly anyone can hear it. Watch out though, its feathers are as sharp as blades!

What’s Rowlet’s favourite thing to do at our trampoline parks?

Rowlet can rotate its head almost 180 degrees and zip around silently, so we think its amazing vision and flight would give it a huge advantage on our Dodgeball Zone!

Could you imagine an opponent who can see in almost every direction and one you can’t hear? Rowlett would definitely dominate this area!


Choose Your Starter!

Let us know what your favourite Pokémon is! Do you have a favourite part of our park? Let us know here: Oxygen Freejumping (Facebook)  + Oxygen Freejumping (Twitter).

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