Posted Friday 15th July 2022


We all agree that trampolining is fun. So here are 6 fun facts to take your knowledge up a notch…

  1. The highest trampoline bounce ever recorded launched a man 22 feet in the air. But please don’t try this on our trampolines!
  2. The inventor of the trampoline rented a kangaroo to show off his invention in Hyde Park back in 1836.
  3. The record for most trampoline backflips in a single minute is 49.NASA says trampolining is better than jogging. And they know a thing or two about going up and down .
  4. There’s a World Record for continuous indoor trampoline-bouncing. It’s 53 days long if you have a couple of months to spare.
  5. Professional trampolinists never bounce barefoot – one reason why you wear Oxygen socks for your feats of greatness!

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