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How to achieve the NHS recommended exercise per week

Posted Friday 9th September 2016

According to NHS guidelines, we should all complete 75 minutes of moderate-high level exercise a week. We all have busy schedules – many of us have kids that need entertaining, jobs to travel to every day and barely a minute to spare for those “low priority” things. So how can we all make up the minutes and get our exercise in?


Jumping to keep fit is a trend that is growing fast. It combines aerobic exercise with fun, so appeals to those who want to keep fit and enjoy exercise without it feeling like a chore or a painful experience! Ever since we were children we have all loved jumping up and down on whatever we can get our hands (or feet!) on, so why not combine this love of jumping with exercise and get the best of both worlds!

Oxygen fitness classes are 60 minutes of high intensity, low impact fun! The instructor will take you through high-energy rebound routines which will truly get your heart pumping!

Plus, our brand new multi-buy saver packages ensure that you get jumping weekly, no matter how busy your lives are. You can purchase the sessions in packages of 5, and redeem them for whichever session suits your busy schedule best.

Why not bring the kids and let them Freejump while you enjoy your fun fitness class – you never know, you might end up being able to jump higher than them!

Check out below what superstar fitness blogger Fitness On Toast had to say about Oxygen when she visited the park.

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