Summer hacks for parents. Beach kids

Summer Hacks for Parents!

Posted Friday 18th May 2018

We know what you’re thinking.

The weather is getting warmer and the summer holidays are approaching, which means that you and parents everywhere will be tearing out your hair thinking of fun activities for your kids that’ll keep them interested.

Fear not, we’ve got you covered! We’ve had a sit down to think about some of the fun things you can do with your little ones this Summer, and not just that, but how to make the most of your time with them!


1) Planning a Beach Holiday? Dress Your Kids in Something Colourful!

Child at beach.


Here’s the scenario: it’s a bright summers weekend in July, the temperature rivals the kind of heat you’d find in Barbados and you think to yourself, “let’s make the most of today!” So you pack your kids in the car and head down to the beach or park to take advantage of the wonderful weather.

But everyone else has had the same idea and it’s cramped. Very cramped.

In those sorts of situations, it’s important to prioritise your child’s safety and keep an eye on them at all times.

Here’s our hack:

Dress your child in something bright, distinctive and colourful, so that you can spot them more easily when they run off to play!



2) Freeze Yoghurt for a Tasty Healthier Picnic Treat!

Credit, Emily Norris

(image credit: Emily Norris)

Everything in moderation, even moderation, as they say. A tasty ice cream or ice lolly isn’t a bad thing every now and again, but if you’re looking for a healthier alternative you could just as easily purchase a pack of low-sugar or low-fat yoghurt from a supermarket.

Here’s our hack:

Firstly, pierce the middle of the yoghurt carton with a knife and insert a spoon in the middle, letting it stick out. Place the yoghurt carton, with the spoon still inside it, inside the freezer and when you need it you can remove it and run the carton and spoon under warm water to expand the frozen yoghurt and dislodge the carton.

Simply remove the yoghurt carton and there you have it! Frozen yoghurt which you can have as a regular ice lolly, except more healthy!


3) Bring Your Kids To a Trampoline Session!

Toddlers sitting on trampolines at trampoline park party

We both know that the weather isn’t great all the time even in the middle of summer. Plus, the great outdoors is nice, but your kids might want a change of pace!

That’s where we and our shameless plug come in. Kids love Freejumping. Booking a single Freejumping session is definitely fun for the kids, but we know that the only thing they enjoy more is our Freejumping parties. Bring them and their friends down for a day of bouncing, followed by party, food and drinks.

4) Got Sunburnt?  Try Our DIY Sunburn Treatments!

Sun rays beaming down


Being in the sun is wonderful, but being sunburnt can ruin your day. Have a look at the NHS website for information on sunburn and the linked medical issues.

Here’s our hack:

(There’s no harm in following a few DIY treatments for sunburn, but we will stress that these should be used alongside more standard treatments.)

If you want to speed up healing after you or your kids have been sunburned, you can apply honey to the affected area of children older than 12 months! Honey has many proven properties that can reduce irritation and speed up healing!

You can also soak a washcloth in cool milk and place on the sunburned area of the skin to reduce pain and cool down.

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