Tech Talks: Episode 1

Tech Talks: Episode 1

Posted Tuesday 15th January 2019

We’ve been doing some digging on why technology plays such a big part in our lives and why it’s good for you.

It’s no shock to the system that technology is constantly evolving and becoming more involved in our lives. There’s so much conversation on why technology is bad but we’re shedding some light and focusing on the positives.

Using technology can be a good thing when you need to preoccupy children, whether it’s for 10 minutes whilst you wash the dishes or an hour whilst you get the ironing sorted.

Enhance knowledge by downloading apps that promote learning and playing games that require problem solving and boost cognitive development.

Technology can also help develop better fine motor skills. Using certain combinations in order to reach the next level give the hand, fingers and wrist somewhat of a workout. There are also video games that can improve hand-eye coordination.

From learning how to take turns to playing as part of a team aspects of the tech world can encourage social development in children. It can also create shared interests and virtual connections with known friends.


Did you know?

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