Tech Talks: Episode 2

Tech Talks: Episode 2

Posted Tuesday 19th February 2019

It’s no surprise that technology can be an addiction, we all avoid FOMO at some point in our lives. You’ve probably got a reminder on your phone for when the tickets for the concert you’re waiting for arrive or you’ve just finished scrolling through Instagram. At some point on a daily basis some form of technology is used. It’s important to focus on mental wellbeing at some point every day – but just how much is technology used to improve mental health?

With regulated usage, there’s actually so many ways in which gadgets and the internet can help with mental health and physical!


Nowadays there’s an app for everything, literally. Therapy techniques and cognitive behaviour guidance can all be accessed on an app. There’s something for mindfulness for those times you need to ground yourself or find yourself overwhelmed and there’s something to help structure your workouts for those easy gym sessions. Platforms like YouTube are great for videos such as deep breathing (they work when you’re in labour too)!

Social media

There can be a lot of negativity when it comes to social media however there’s also many pros. Social media can help boost confidence by gaining perspective in how others live (say for example an influencer who’s known for their fitness regime). It’s an easy way to stay connected or even share your own fitness routine.

Despite always being conscious of the cons of technology, when used responsibly the pros can be just as beneficial.

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