The Jump Fund is returning, bigger and better for 2021!

The Jump Fund is returning, bigger and better for 2021!

Posted Monday 10th May 2021

In the summer of last year we launched our ‘Jump Fund’ initiative as a way to give back to the local communities around our parks.  The Jump Fund is a pot of jumps that eligible groups and individuals can apply for, and if awarded, can come and enjoy Oxygen on us. For every 10 jumps we sell, we put 1 jump into our Jump Fund p

The response to this initiative was fantastic, and it got us thinking of more ways we can give back to the communities. Our Jump Fund is officially growing into its own umbrella covering a multitude of rewards we’re offering to local groups such as schools, brownies, community clubs and more.

Our original Jump Fund pot isn’t going anywhere, and once we re-open the pot will return to filling ready for applications to use. This can be for individuals as well as groups! Simply drop us an email at with why you think an individual or a particular group deserves some jumping on us.

If you’re part of a local club and want to know more about how we’re offering to give back, just pop your details on the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.




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