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Top Tips: Keeping Cool

Posted Friday 19th July 2019

Keep cool this summer

School’s almost out, the weather’s getting warmer and you’ve got an endless list of places to visit and sights to see. You’re excited and the kids are excited but don’t forget the heat can get too much and it’s important to know how to keep cool and healthy.

Here’s our list of tricks and tips on how to keep cool this summer.

  • Cotton is key
    Cotton is the best breathable and comfortable material.
  • Hydration, hydration, hydration!
    Sipping on a cool glass of water helps to keep the body temperature down and choosing water enriched snacks such as watermelon.


  • Stay shady
    Keep cool by sitting in a spot of shade where there tends to be a bit of a breeze and inside air-conditioned buildings.


  • Get cold feet
    Keep your feet cool by dipping them in cold water


  • Workout wisely
    Schedule your workouts for when the temperature is cooler. Earlier in the mornings or later in the evenings tend to be best.


  • Protect the skin
    Apply sunscreen whenever necessary and top it up regularly to stop painful sunburn!


  • Limit sun time
    As much as being in the sun is fun, being in the sun for too long isn’t. Avoiding the sun at the hottest part of the day will save you from getting too hot.




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