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Top 3 Weirdest Beach Gadgets | Hawaiian Beach Party 2017

Posted Monday 31st July 2017

It’s the final week of our trampolining Hawaiian Beach Party, and we’re hula-ing our hearts out to make our bouncing beach party the best around!

Whilst getting into the beach party spirit, we’ve talking about our favourite gadgets to bring to the beach this year. After naming our favourites, we had a quick Google and discovered a whole world of crazy beach gadgets which nearly became “a thing”.

Here are our 3 favourites:

1. Shark Protector Suit

Beach suit

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water… It actually was safe!

Well, not exactly. This “shark protection suit” idea was dreamt up in 1989 and had even had a patent filed for it! The little dots on the suit are filled with a shark repellent liquid, so when the shark bites you it releases into the water and scares the shark off. We think you’d already have a big problem by that point though…

This one isn’t making our Christmas list!

2. The Beach Boot

Beach Boot Funny

It looks like an ice skate gone mad, right? Okay, we admit that walking on sand can be tiring, but who needs a motorised boot to get you from A to B at the beach?! Not us, that’s for sure. The patent for this was filed in 1998, so someone clearly thought it was the next big thing not so long ago!

3. The “Shader”


This one is actually a Kickstarter campaign right now! It’s like a little tent for your face while you’re lying on the beach. Created in Australia, it aims to solve a big problem: sunburnt faces! And let’s be honest, sunburn one of the biggest concerns when taking the kids on a Summer holiday to a hot country. This one gets the thumbs up from us! Just watch out for the tide…

Party Beach

Our Trampolining Beach Party

Have you not seen our trampolining beach party yet? Until Friday 4th August 2017, we’re bringing a bit of the Caribbean Summer to the trampoline park! Follow the link below to get involved…


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