Welcome to Baby Sensory Week!

Welcome to Baby Sensory Week!

Posted Tuesday 17th November 2020


At this point we know lockdown can be really testing, and if you’ve got babies and toddlers then filling your days with indoor ideas can be tough. This week we’re here to help with loads of top tips and activities and even some giveaways.

Today’s Tip – DIY Baby Painting Mat

This little hack will keep baby and mum pleased with a 0 mess approach!

You’ll need

  • A zip lock bag (the bigger the better) or cling film and paper will work
  • Some acrylic paints
  • A large piece of card or alternative for the backing
  • Some wide strong tape
  • Glitter/sequins (optional)


  1. You’ll want to put blobs of the paint either into your bag or directly onto your paper sheet if using cling film
  2. Here add your sequins and glitter too (optional)
  3. If using a bag, zip it up and using the tape stick all 4 sides down to your backing
  4. If using cling film, lay your paper sheet on your backing and cover with a layer of cling film. Use the tape to stick all 4 sides down to your backing.

You now have a totally mess-free sensory paint mat for babies and toddlers to use their fingers and move the paint around.


Let us know if you tried this by sending us a photo to our FB pages. We’re rewarding the best one with a water doodle mat and runners up with FREE Little O jump tickets! (Giveaway closes Friday 27th November)




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