Welcome to Wellness Week!

Welcome to Wellness Week!

Posted Tuesday 24th November 2020

This week the focus is on wellness.

We know that lockdowns can have a huge impact on the mental and physical wellness of both adults and children. And when the weather isn’t great the variety of activities can become sparse. Feeling out of your routine and well, a bit bleagh is totally normal.

This week we are going to be sharing our top tips for keeping your mind active and positive, as well as important self-help resources. If there’s one thing that we can learn from Lockdown 1.0 it’s that we are all stronger when we do things together.

Our favourite Winter wind-down routine

Our favourite evening yoga

Chapters of chill - mindfullness for children

Churchill have created Little Chapters of Chill. A new series of children’s audiobooks with mindfulness at the heart of every story. Written by author Sue Pickford and brought to life by influencer Giovanna Fletcher, each 12-minute story aims to keep your kids entertained and relaxed.




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