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Oxygen Acton: What’s Inside?

Posted Monday 11th December 2017

Oxygen Acton Has Been Revamped!

Psst…Have you seen the new pictures of our trampoline park in Acton?

As you know, from now until 20th December, there will be construction taking place at our park. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be entirely closed during this time — customers still have access to some zones!

We decided to give you guys a teaser of the new zones and facilities we’ll be bringing to your park. We’re committed to making sure your trampoline park is just as safe and even more fun than before.

Why not have a look at some of our new zones we have below? And don’t forget to pre-book your ticket before spaces run out! We re-open fully on 21st December!

Oxygen Acton reaction wall shot
Oxygen Acton foampit
Oxygen Acton Ninja Warrior Course
Oxygen Acton Giant Airbag

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Our New Zones

Air Bag

When you come to our Acton park, you’ll be able to jump or flip onto our enormous Air Bag! The landing is soft, but try to get as much air as possible for the best possible jump!

You can use this place to jump as high as you can and practice your skills with a safe landing guaranteed.

Reaction Walls

Test your reaction speeds against our speed reaction wall! Two players try to outcompete each other in the number of buttons they can hit whilst they’re jumping. Be warned — it can get crazy!

Giant Foam Pit

Why not make a gigantic leap into our super soft foam pit? It’s safe and it gives you the maximum height to practise all your trampoline tricks.


Possibly the most competitive game we have at our trampoline parks and not for the faint of heart. We’re the best place in Acton for dodgeball, precisely because we’ve combined trampolines and dodgeball together!

You can go for a free-for-all or form teams to take each other on!

Just remember the fundamentals: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.


We’re ditching the concrete basketball court and bringing basketball to our Acton trampoline park! You can bounce on our trampolines and soar through the air in our new zone.

Ninja Warrior

Showcase your ninja skills in our new state-of-the-art Ninja Warrior Zone!

We have the first Ninja Warrior obstacle course in Acton, where you can blend into the shadows and complete amazing feats in our immersive new zone!


In renovating our new trampoline park, we haven’t forgotten that sometimes people need to take a break.

So don’t forget that we have a very comfy and spacious cafe for parents, teens and children to sit down in and enjoy warm drinks, food and the occasional prosecco.

Free Parking

Yes, that’s right. All visitors to our Acton trampoline park will be allowed to park for free!




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