children play on trampolines at Oxygen Freejumping

5 reasons why I take my toddler to Little O’s! By Zoe Ami, Mum from Harrow

Posted Monday 15th February 2016

children play on trampolines at Oxygen Freejumping


This Wednesday will be me and my Little O’s fourth session at Oxygen Freejumping. We love it! But not just for the reasons you’d expect –  yes, we end up giggling the hour away bouncing around to our heart’s content – that’s a given! But there’s also some less obvious reasons we like to jump:

  1. It teaches my Little O persistence. Trampolining takes time to get the hang of, but he loves learning new skills! He’s only four, but it definitely is teaching him that success takes effort and perseverance!
  2. It improves self-esteem. Being able to trampoline gives real street-cred!
  3. Improves flexibility. I want my Little O’s body as healthy as possible – trampolining is great for joint mobility.
  4. It develops motor skills and coordination. It takes real skill to bounce and balance at the same time (believe Mum!)
  5. It gets my Little O’s heart pumping! Jumping is a great cardio-vascular exercise – plus, we’re both having such fun it really is exercise in disguise!

We both can’t wait for our next session at Oxygen – after all, the living room sofa just isn’t bouncy enough to practice on!

toddler plays on trampoline at little o session at oxygen freejumping
toddlers play a game at oxygen freejumping little o session
toddler jumps on trampoline at little o session at oxygen freejumping

Written by:

Zoe Ami, Mum of excitable 4 year old, Harrow.

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Little O sessions at Oxygen Freejumping run Mon-Fri 9am-11am. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Entry £5 per Little O, £5 per jumping adult. Jump socks required.





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