High Ropes Waiver

Terms and Conditions
The high ropes etiquette/code of conduct is written by the Oxygen Freejumping in conjunction with the manufacturer and information within this procedure. It summarises the rules of admission and use of the high ropes activity.
The signage for the activity should include:
* The high ropes is used at your own risk. Oxygen Freejumping cannot be held responsible for individuals’ own actions which result in them taking unnecessary risks beyond their capabilities. Common sense, self-preservation and care are essential at all times.
* Participants and instructors should be constantly aware of the risk of falling. Customers must not interfere with the harness or any other equipment.
* Only trained staff are allowed to clip on and unclip a customer .
* The Management reserve the right to refuse entry.
* The Management reserve the right to exclude any customers who shows lack of understanding of basic principles or behaves in such a way as to cause danger to him or herself or any other user.
* Anyone with a Medical contra indication detailed above is not allowed to use the high ropes.
* Climbers must remove any items from pockets to prevent items falling on persons below
* All jewellery should be removed to prevent injury to climbers. This includes rings as they can become caught. Any rings that can not be removed MUST be taped up.
* Suitable clothing must be worn including non-slip footwear.
* The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) issued to you MUST be worn at all times when within the high ropes activity area.
* Long hair must be tided back.
* Customers wearing glasses must ensure that these are secured with a glasses band.
* Climbers must be under 120KG in weight.
* Only one person is allowed on each activity section and one person on each platform at a time.



High Ropes Waiver


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