Photography Policy

When we take photographs

We understand that we provide an activity that is widely enjoyed by children of all ages and from time to time may want to capture this experience in either photos or videos.  Our policy clearly sets out the reasonable steps we take to ensure parents/guardians understand what the content will be used for.


We will ensure to

  • Display notices when undergoing any photography and video sessions around the facility
  • Identify children not comfortable with being included by wearing clearly coloured wristbands
  • Always explain where the images/video will be used and what for
  • Changing the names of anyone wherever we need to reference names
  • Never publishing personal or identifying information (such as school uniform logo)
  • Reduce the risk of images being copied and used inappropriately by only using images of children in appropriate clothing such as our jump socks
  • Using images that positively reflect young people’s involvement in the activity


Whilst we always endeavour that participants are made aware of photography and happy for images to potentially be used in our marketing, we will always remove the use of images if parents/guardians decide they are unhappy with the ultimate use.

When customers take photographs

In terms of customers using the facility taking photographs, we understand that you want to capture your children participating in such activity. We ask you to ensure that you only take photos of your own children and exclude other children from the images.  If at any point a member of staff wishes to see the photos you’ve taken and expresses the need for you to delete should the justification warrant it, you must adhere to this. By using our facility, you automatically agree to follow this policy.


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