Rules of Activity

  1. Must always wear jumping socks on the trampolines
  2. Remove jewellery, mobile phones and other valuables
  3. Do not take food or drink, apart from bottled water, on to the trampolines
  4. Carry out activities that are within your skill level and always be in control
  5. Follow the instruction Oxygen Freejumping staff
  6. Do not attempt to wrestle or fight on trampolines
  7. Do not jump on the same trampoline as another user
  8. Do not attempt to climb or dismantle the safety apparatus, including netting and padding, throughout the park
  9. Always seek to bounce and land on either their current or immediately adjacent trampoline
  10. Only rest in the designated seating and rest areas of the activity arena

Bear Grylls Fitness – Rules of Activity

  1. This is a training venue, NOT A RACE. Take your time and don’t push in front of others.
  2. Listen out for any instructions from the Marshalls.
  3. Read the signs before you attempt each obstacle.
  4. Look before you begin. Has the person in front cleared your landing area?
  5. Judge your strength first and know you can survive all the obstacles you attempt.
  6. Take a break when you need to. Step to the side and allow others to continue.
  7. Do not climb on the silver railings or the vertical safety netting.
  8. Wear clean, athletic shoes and gripped gloves.
  9. Empty your pockets and remove any jewellery or sharp objects.
  10. No food, drinks or phones.
  11. NO participation if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  12. This is a physically demanding activity.  If you have a pre-existing health condition you should seek medical advice before taking part.
  13. You must be 1.4 metres or over to participate.

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